Our Story

Once upon a time, there was a frail girl named Berry. Despite her small stature, she had a big dream of becoming a professional yogi. However, she struggled with many of the yoga postures due to her lack of strength and flexibility. Determined to achieve her dream, she began attending yoga classes regularly and incorporating strength-training exercises into her routine.

At first, the exercises were challenging, but with time and practice, Berry grew stronger and more flexible. She soon discovered that her newfound strength not only improved her yoga practice, but also gave her a newfound confidence in herself.

As she continued to perfect her yoga skills, Berry became passionate about helping others improve their own practice. She realized that the right clothing could make all the difference in helping people feel comfortable and confident during their yoga practice.

With this in mind, Berry decided to create her own line of yoga clothing. She carefully selected high-quality, comfortable materials, and designed a line of clothing that was both functional and stylish. She opened up a small store that sold her clothing, and to her delight, her line was a huge success.

Customers were drawn to the comfortable, stylish, and affordable yoga clothing, and the store quickly became a popular destination for yogis of all levels. Berry was proud of what she had accomplished and was grateful for the journey that led her to where she was today.

Her story inspired others to pursue their passions and to never give up on their dreams. And her clothing brand, now a well-known and respected name in the yoga community, continues to inspire and empower yogis around the world.